Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Day One of Week Two

Day one of week two was a bit tough for me. We're starting out with a large composition in black and white, and I managed to design something that is absolute hell to sew together. Geeez...will I ever learn?

The class downstairs this week is taught by a man who makes stuff out of tin cans. Doesn't sound too exciting, but after dinner, he gave a slide show of his work, and the things he makes are incredible. He's quite an eccentric and looks like Santa Claus in a worn flannel shirt.

We're going to the barn studio at 6:30 this morning (in an hour) so we can try to finish our black and white pieces by 9 a.m. when we get a new exercise.

I read my friend Robin's blog this morning, and she had posted this photo of me with my final piece last week. Robin, I hope it's okay that I stole it. I promise not to use it to make a bunch of money.

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Robin said...

that's quite alright! Looks like you guys are in for another grueling week. I don't know how you keep up and blog at the same time! I'm thankful that you do though. I want to hear all about it!