Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cats and Quilts

Today, Phoebe tried to hide in the azalias so she could catch a bird. She missed every time.

She's pictured here, contemplating her options, but hoping no one was watching her failed attempts. How humiliating!

I've been working on hand quilting a sort of folk-art quilt that I made. I'm using thick cotton thread.

Don't I look intense?

When Phoebe catches me doing this, she pushes her way into the middle of the quilt and flops down for a nap.


Anonymous said...


Glad to see that you're back blogging. I always go to your site to get to Terry's and Gerry's sites. I'm going back to Nancy Crow's barn for the 2nd class in her series this Oct. I enjoyed meeting you in that class we had last year.
Connie Carrington

Grangeutyt said...

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