Thursday, May 31, 2007

To Learn or Not to Learn

We have a trellis at the front of our house on which we grow climbing roses, clematis and passion flowers. The roses are beginning to bloom. Isn't this one a little beauty?

I've been pondering the ways we humans learn things. For me, it seems like the only way I can learn is by experience. Often, I make mistakes that I can (hopefully) correct, and if all goes as it should, I don't make the same mistake again. But I seem to require making the mistake to really learn the lesson. Maybe I'm just a dim girl.

I finished my degree as an adult, and will always be grateful that I was able to finish after I had some life experience. I think I was a better student, and I retained much more of what I learned.

I've taken several quilting classes from Nancy Crow, and some from local teachers. I've learned much from them, but I'm feeling now like I just need to work, experiment, and goof up on my own. Not to say there isn't lots more I could learn from teachers, but I somehow think I'd be better off teaching myself in the studio for now.

I wonder how long this stance will last.

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