Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Tribute

Happy Memorial Day!

I try not to watch the sad ceremonies for recently lost service personnel, so I decided to find out who I could commemorate from the past by doing some reading online. I discovered a woman who died in the line of duty many years before I thought women even served in the military in America.

Easter Posey was the first American service woman killed in the line of duty. This plaque honors her by naming a recreation area in the South after her.
Easter Posey and her older sister Stacey began working for the Army Chemical Warfare Service at Huntsville Arsenal on March 16, 1942. The following month, Easter was killed during an explosion at one of the arsenal's incendiary bomb manufacturing lines. Her sister was badly injured, but lived.

The women of Redstone Arsenal were (and still are) a crucial part of the arsenal's development since the U.S. Army established the complex in 1941.

Easter Posey, here's to you. And thanks for serving your country.

Today, I remember you.

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