Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Nancy Crow Quote

I know only yesterday I wrote that I probably wouldn't post again until I return from France, but I just have to.

Nancy Crow has an upcoming solo exhibition at the Snyderman Gallery in Philadelphia, starting Friday. I went to the Snyderman web site this morning, and read her artist's statement. There is a part in it that so perfectly describes what I experience, I just had to post it here for other quilt artists to see.

Nancy Crow: "...I love being inside my brain and pushing myself to think in ever more complex ways because I know the ideas are there for the taking. It’s all about being focused and disciplined and making use of one’s abilities. And about being alone, in solitude, so one can think and feel deeply without interruption. I have definitely grown far closer to myself rather than to others because I see my quiltmaking as my experience which has nothing to do with other people."

I love that.

I took the above photo when I was attending a workshop with her a year or so ago in Ohio. She made this quilt for a show for which she was invited to make a piece with a political bent. (FYI: RRR BC = Rice, Roe, Rumsfeld Bush Cheney).

I'd say she doesn't shy away from controversy, and really does make art without regard for what anyone else thinks.

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Dale Anne said...

Oh my goodness - that artist statement could be mine!!!
THANKS for posting - I didn't realize Nancy was like that, as I hadn't really read any of her artist statements or anything about her before. Knew about her but not like this!!! Sounds like a kindred spirit to me....LOL!!!