Thursday, November 20, 2008

Creative Colaborative Concoction

Yesterday, my fellow traveler on the road to quilting nirvana (Bonnie) and I spent most of the day in my studio doing some fabric piecing. We worked independently, but toward a collaborative end.

Here's what we ended up with after we put everything together to form one fabulous whole. Pretty nifty huh?!? We started with some basic parameters...12" x 9" blocks...two basic sections for each block (one detailed and textural, and the other linear and spare), and colors to coordinate with the flower print pieces.

What fun we had! Now all we need is to do this a bunch more, and we'll end up with something we can really write home about.

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Anonymous said...

Hey this still looks good--and I found some more of that little print, and also of the yellow plaid. LA is hoping we go on with it--and so am I. How I love these industrious days we have!