Saturday, September 8, 2007

Beautiful Boobs

I've been dragging out my old stuff so that Jim could photograph it for me. I thought it'd be fun to show everyone this one (full size and a couple of detail shots).

Don't forget to click on any image on this blog to get a better look.

Her bra I made from an old dish towel. I had recently had a mammogram, so I guess I needed an artistic catharsis of some sort. (Not really. It was just fun.)

The piece is about 19" x 30".

I finally finished the "Connections II" quilt yesterday. It wound up being about the same size as the "Connections I" piece. Here it is.

I already have my keep-me-awake idea for the next in the series.

I'll keep you posted.

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jenclair said...

;) I love this one, too, especially the lovely bra!