Saturday, March 28, 2009

Birthday at a Funeral

Today is Jim's birthday! He's 29 years old, kinda.

I bought a cake for him at Konditeri because we needed to go to a funeral in Portland, and I knew I wouldn't have much time for baking.

Lori's grandmother had passed away. We all went to her graveside service, then met at Mary Ann's for lunch and memory sharing.

It was great to see Josh and Mia there.

Lori's grandmother had given me some fabric pieces, so I made a quilt for her daughter (Mary Ann) using some of them, and some fabric of my own.

Hopefully, Mary Ann will be able to snuggle up in it during those inevitable times that she wishes she still had her mommy.

The pink cat was in the box of her mother's scraps. Mary Ann made it!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jim! The quilt is wonderful--what a super nice thing to do. BH