Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sew it Goes

My life seems a little strange these days. We're renting a house while ours is being repaired from the tree damage.

I've recently gone through training as a Hospice volunteer. Each year they decorate a Christmas tree with hand-made quilted ornaments. Families can buy one to commemorate a loved one. It's a fund raiser. So I've been making ornaments according to their prescribed design.

But the biggest part of my time has been focused on fallen and fractured trees. I'm putting together a quilt that hopefully will tell the story.

trees can be magical in the ways they cloister around a place.

in winter they rise unhidden by spring leaves.

muscled body builders with arms outstretched. pumped.

but when they fall, they're like random pick-up-sticks in a windstorm.

gold crowned teeth crushing against peanut shells.

my cat finds a mouse whose warm burrow under the deck has been disrupted.

fallen trees have dislodged more than dumb luck.

slow. so slow to weave
fabric of a new normal.

it all seems dark. too dark.

but the next night, a full moon. stars


Anonymous said...

Wow Cynthia--these are fabulous. I love how you're turning the calamity into art. B

Anonymous said...

I'm floored. (but never surprised!) Your work is so intense and benefiting from the fallen pick-up sticks. I LOVE the poetry-descriptions!!! more please...

kelly spivey