Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ready or Not...I'm off to Nancy Crow's

I'm getting excited and prepared to leave Saturday to spend two weeks with Nancy Crow at her beautiful barn studio in Ohio. I've admired her work for a very long time, and had a class with her last summer. She's a wonderfully creative and super energetic person, so hopefully some of that will wear off on me.

Since the previous class I took from her, my quilting style has completely changed. For one thing, I had a studio built so that I could have a huge design wall. Since it's in a different building from where we live, I'm now able to fling stuff every which way, and not worry about what a slob I'm being. I tidy it up when I want to, and don't if I don't.

Here are some photos of my new studio.

Another really cool thing for me is that I recently bought an old Bernina 1090 machine. The machine in the photo is my trusty Viking, but I wanted to get a used machine for a spare when the Viking has to go to the shop. I love my Viking, but WOW is the Bernina an incredible machine! Perfect stitches, no computer to act finicky, and easily adjustable stitch length, width, and tension, and a very adequate variety of stitch types. If you ever get the chance to buy one of these old girls, I highly recommend it. I just turned sixty this month, and I'm beginning to learn that us old broads have our advantages.

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Bea said...

Hi, It's great to read that you love your Bernina 1090. I have the same one since 17 years. It broke down and I had to wait for 6 weeks for reparation (they were on holiday in that time). It felt like leaving a sick child in hospital... But tonight I have my sewing machine back and I'll start sewing in the next days...