Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Experimental art

I keep trying to find my true "voice" in my work. That means constantly trying new techniques, fabric choices, and color combinations. Some seem to work well, others...not so much.

Here are pics of some of my more recent stuff

The one above was trying some new fabric manipulation techniques and some strip piecing. I'm thinking it looks pretty busy, but at least it's cheerful!

The one below was cut improvisationally and pieced and quilted by machine. I really like it.

The piece below has some fabric manipulation (folds, gathers, etc.), and includes some wonderful fabric I bought from Cherie in Nancy Crow's class last summer (the green and yellow animal-print-looking fabric). This is one of my favorite pieces I think.

The piece below is all pieced (no fusing or gluing) except for a few appliqued pieces added after the base piece had all been constructed. I think I like the idea of doing impressionistic portraiture, so this was a good learning piece, but it looks maybe a bit over the top. I think the concept is a good one though, so I'm sure I'll do more.

Today is my dear hubby Jim's birthday, so I'm taking him out for breakfast this morning. For once, it's not raining.


Avid fabric fanatic... said...

You go girl! Stay weird.

Kristin L said...

I definitely think you should keep going with the portraits -- the one you posted is so fresh and unique!

Terry said...

Hi neighbor (well, we're both in Oregon--) I just found your blog. I have to tell you that I LOVE this portrait!